Interval Training for Weightloss

Interval Training for Weightloss

Interval training for weight loss is very effective and has been proven in a number of studies.  The University of NSW and the Garvan Institute studied 45 overweight women over 15 weeks, putting them through a 20 minute cycling regime in which they sprinted on a stationary bike for 8 seconds followed by 12 seconds of cycling lightly.  They found that this program was the most effective for creating weightloss.

Traditionally, interval training uses longer times such as sprinting for 30 seconds followed by 1 minute of light work.  There are many other variations used by athletes and these are good for building stamina or developing specific athletic techniques, however, the researchers have found that the shorter intervals create the most fat burning effect. They also found that cycling on the stationary bike to be the most effective exercise for the purposes of fat burning.

Interval training for weightloss on a stationary bike is excellent for obese people as there is no impact on their joints.  With a heavy bodyweight it is easy to develop injuries with jogging, walking, gym classes or other forms of impact exercise.  Even for healthy people, not everyone is suited for running or walking.  I know that everytime I try jogging I quickly develop shin splints which then makes it hard to even walk.  I found the stationary bike to be excellent with no bad effects to my legs at all. This idea could be applied to other exercises and I think that the rowing machine would be another suitable machine that anyone could use.

Interval Training for Weightloss Programs

Developing a program for this goal is pretty easy.  It’s a 20 minute workout with an 8 second sprint followed by a 12 second backoff.  You just do this for 20 minutes up to 3 times a week.  If you are starting out fresh maybe start with twice a week and build up to 3 times a week.  Of course you still need to watch your diet.  If you eat bad food it will be a lot harder to achieve any results.

The results of interval style training is dramatic because it keeps on burning calories for about an hour after you finish. This results in rapid weight loss in a short period of time if you stick to the program. You will also improve your stamina as your heart is exercised and you will feel more energised. So, by sticking to the plan and doing the exercises, you will feel healthier, stronger and lighter with interval training for weightloss.

Boutcher, S (PhD, FACSM Director of Fat Loss Laboratory). Overview of the 8-second fat loss study. Faculty of Medicine, UNSW. 28 January 2007.

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