See How Easily You Can Achieve Diet Success

See How Easily You Can Achieve Diet Success

It’s so frustrating when you feel like everything that you try in your diet fails. Especially when everyone around you at the gym seems to effortlessly shred off bodyfat without even trying. If you’re not careful you can psyche yourself out watching all those around you..

How can they do it and why does it happen so easily for them? You know if you ask them about their diets they won’t really give you a clear answer. If they are competitive bodybuilders or athletes trying to make weight they will be holding something back because they don’t want their competition getting the edge over them. It’s almost like they are part of some secret group that helps each other out and you’re left out in the cold. It can be so frustrating that you can even feel disrespected when you don’t get the answers that you expect. What is it that they do that you can’t find out about?

Well, guess what? You Are Not Alone….

  • 70% of gym members stop attending regularly in their first 3 years
  • 90% of people will give up on exercise completely
  • 48% of people consider that they have poor health
  • 90% of free time is spent watching television

So many people never achieve their ideal bodweight or image because they believe that they are not successful at what they do. They lose the motivation and drive to keep trying and become trapped in poor performance and mediocre effort. As a result they become distracted and do other things to hide from the pain of failure. Because distractions stop them from working they start looking for quick fixes and that’s were the so-called “diet gurus” come in. They know what’s going on in the minds of these people because they have seen it all before and they know exactly how to manipulate those feelings of frustration to create impulse buying decisions.

Don’t believe their hype.

The REAL Secret of Diet Success

If you really want to discover the “secrets” to diet success you need to start studying the successful people and what they do. Don’t ask them, study them.

They won’t tell you what they do for 2 reasons:

  1. they are naturals and don’t realise what they do, things just seem to work for them!
  2. they are in a competitive industry and won’t reveal their system publicly, even if they are aware of it!

The first thing you should notice about successful people is that they don’t follow diet trends. They have a method or a system and they stick to it because it works. They way they develop their method is through hard work, motiviation and TESTING. Testing is the important factor of successful dieters. They try something new in their diet and measure whether it works or not, or to what degree it works. If it doesn’t work, they throw it out and try again. As they progress they build up a system that works well for them and then they focus on the most successful methods and just keep doing them.

It’s A Simple Formula

This is a sure-fire formula that anyone can learn: TEST, MEASURE, REPEAT

It sounds simple doesn’t it?

  • Try something – TEST
  • Analyse how successful it was – MEASURE
  • If successful, keep on doing it – REPEAT
  • If not successful – TRY AGAIN

Honestly, a lot of successful bodybuilders don’t even realize that this is what they do. It just comes naturally to them to try things on their own and collate their results. They observe what works and just keep doing that. It’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing.

So, now you know. Without having to pay thousands of dollars for the latest diet shake, just try something, anything! It doesn’t matter what you try, what matters is that you record and analyze how successful it is. Collate all the different ideas you have tried and determine which are the most successful. And then?

Keep on doing what works!!!

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