The Taste of Protein Powder

The Taste of Protein Powder

Lots of people put emphasis on the taste of a protein powder.  As a result, the marketers have come up with a myriad of flavours to peddle to the consumer.  Personally, I’m a vanilla guy, I know, boring, but neutral.

I don’t like to get caught up with flavours.  I think it distracts from why you are taking the protein powder in the first place.  It’s not lolly water and you’re not drinking it for refreshment or enjoyment.  It’s a nutritional supplement that is designed to fuel the body and build muscle, don’t lose sight of that.  Keep it plain and simple, that’s what I think.

Keep it plain and simple, that’s what I think

As I said, I prefer to stick with vanilla as it’s fairly neutral and goes well with milk or water.  I’ve tried some weird ones like banana and strawberry which were disgusting.   They were way too sweet and I don’t know how that can appeal to anyone serious about exercise.  We are trying to improve our diet, not find a supplement for junk food.

In recent times I have tried some flavours from Optimum Nutrition (ON) which were OK.  It appears ON have put a lot of effort into developing a wide variety of protein powder flavours while maintaining high quality.  Their rocky road flavour was quite drinkable, although I wouldn’t try it again.  That’s just me, I don’t have a sweet tooth.  The rocky road wasn’t sickly sweet but, it was quite a balanced flavour and I would recommend it if someone was looking for different flavours.  Recently they have introduced a new COFFEE Flavor which sounds interesting.  I have no idea how that would taste, but given what I have tried of theirs in the past I’m sure it would be quality and not over the top.

What’s Your Protein Powder Flavor?

In the end, I still don’t see the need to be chasing these types of flavours but I guess if there is a demand form them they will sell.  If you want to be really hardcore I can point you in the direction of unflavoured WPC, that’s a new experience.

At first, unflavoured protein powder is pretty confronting but after a while you get used to the bland taste.  Now, I just chug it down like it’s water.

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