Whey Protein for Women

Whey Protein for Women?

A lot of clever marketing is targeting the female market these days, selling whey protein for women. Every fitness magazine you read will have articles and advertising selling special protein powders that claim to help you lose bodyfat and tone muscles. When you read thee articles you find that sometimes they contradict each other, usually because they are promoting products from competing companies. How do you know what information is real and what is just hype?

If you want to get fit or change your bodyshape it’s hard starting out. Reading conflicting information, trying out what different articles suggest, you place your trust in the information presented to you. In the end, most of the fad ideas you try just don’t work. You start to feel like you have wasted your money and are being misled by personal trainers and a money hungry diet industry.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

So many women before you have been in this same position. A lot of women just give up because they have spent so much money chasing a better body and feel like they haven’t achieved their goal. Along with balancing the rest of your life it can seem like you just lose the energy to keep trying.

The Truth About Whey Protein For Women

What is it about whey protein that is paticularly attractive to women?

The answer: NOTHING

This is yet another myth encouraged my the diet industry to make money. Whey protein is a fantastic protein, but it has no special use that will serve women any differently than any other type of protein available.

The facts about whey protein is that it is digested very quickly out of the stomach. Within an hour of drinking a whey shake your stomach will be completly empty and, yes, you will feel empty AND hungry…. again!!

The marketing within the industry is aimed at women that want to try drinking protein shakes instead of whole food meals in order to lose bodyfat. They try the whey protein shakes, which are healthy, but because it leaves the stomach so quickly it’s hard not to start snacking again. The extra calories from snacking build up and your bodyshape stays the same.

You would be better off drinking a slow-release protein that takes up to 7 hours to digest. This type of protein will sit in the stomach and eventually move to the intenstine and slowly release itself over a period of hours. This leaves you feeling fuller, eating less and beginning the process of losing bodyfat.

Of course, you still need to eat whole foods and exercise. Whole foods and exercise are so important for losing bodyfat. Protein shakes used as a meal replacement will help reduce calories and carbohydrates, but you need to exercise as well in order to create a calorie deficit which will stimulate your metabolism to burn bodyfat.

It’s Just A Fad

Just understand that the whey protien for women gimmick is just a marketing ploy and all those pink label shakes are most likely overpriced when compared to the men’s equivalent in the bodybuilding shops. Seriously, don’t be afraid to walk into a health shop or a bodybuilding shop and look at what the guys are buying. The best protein powders are blended with a combination of whey, casein and egg albumen. You can also get pure casein powders too. These will leave you feeling full for longer and help you with achieving your dieting goals. Any reputable shop will be happy to answer your questions and show you the difference between fad diet shakes and the real stuff.

Don’t be fooled by the hype. Make informed decisions and save your money.

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  1. Liam Parkin
    1184 days ago

    Whey proteins, coupled with a good diet and exercise, will allow your body to show the results that you want even faster. Whey protein is good for you in general as well, even if you are happy with your weight and shape.

  2. CharlotteL
    510 days ago

    I think whey is good because it has all the necessary amino acids, but I agree it’s not some wonder product. It is however important to get all the protein you need and that’s why I recommend it.

  3. whey protein
    434 days ago

    Hard work is always the key to achieving success.



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