How Much Protein?

I’ve come across an ebook How Much Protein? written by Brad Pilon who is a nutrition professional. Brad has worked extensively within the nutritional supplement industry but has broken away from that world and developed a common sense approach to weight loss, muscle growth and nutrition. Brad is also listed as an inventor for multiple patents for nutritional compositions affecting growth hormone, testosterone and for muscle building and weight loss.

What’s blown me away about this book is the research that Brad Pilon has discovered about protein and how misleading the supplement industry marketing is. I have to say it really has challenged my own opinions about protein.

How Much Protein? reveals that the claims made about protein really have no backing to them at all.

Protein Myths

  • it is the KEY component to building muscle
  • if you don’t eat protein every 3 hours your nitrogen balance will turn negative and you will start losing muscle
  • your body can only digest 30 or so grams of protein per meal
  • if you are not getting a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of body weight, it is impossible to gain muscle

How Much Protein? reveals that this is misleading marketing created to sell more protein!

Some of the information in this book has never been released before….ever. Read this book and you’ll be on the cutting-edge to the most controversial and life-changing information about protein to ever hit the streets.

No More Protein Guilt!

Inside How Much Protein? Brad reveals 2 things which DO build muscle. One of these things is a supplement that is scientifically proven to work. The other thing isn’t a supplement at all. Without these, you’re literally never going to build muscle.

I can imagine how skeptical you might be feeling right now. I felt those feelings too. We have been bombarded with so much information about protein and we believe in it so much, it’s almost like a cult. You can feel quite emotional when challenged that all this might be wrong.

100% money back guarantee

That’s why the How Much Protein? ebook comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you get your money back. Brad has a outstanding reputation within the industry and stands by his guarantee.

Read How Much Protein? Here

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  1. Wesley
    1106 days ago

    What I do not understand is that… Why have there been such little hype about this topic… Where Protein is NOT key to muscle building?
    I am skeptical but… There is just this one book I have come across that talks about how protein is NOT the key to muscle building.

  2. Ty
    1105 days ago

    Hey Wesley,

    The reason that there is little hype about this is because the supplement industry makes millions of dollars every year. I’m sure you have seen that people buy protein powders by the tub load, I have myself and you may have too. If people start to realise that they don’t need all this stuff and stop buying, the supplement industry will crash and burn very quickly. They can’t afford to have that happen.

    Brad states some interesting research in his book that there is not science studies out there that show proof that protein is anabolic. It’s quite confronting to read this and I felt quite emotional about it at first. But I’m prepared to test things and I did a 12 week program and didn’t take any pre or post workout protein shakes and just stuck to 3 meals a day of whole food. I didn’t lose any muscle mass at all and I did gain some strength.

    I’m convinced that you don’t need protein powder. There’s nothing wrong with protein powder and if you have commitments in your life and skip some meals you might find protein powder useful. But just don’t think that it’s essential and you can save a lot of money.



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