The Purpose of How Much Protein

These excerpts are taken directly from the ebook How Much Protein?

Of all the claims about protein, the one that almost everyone simply accepts as fact is that eating protein builds more muscle. It is this one simple assumption that leads to so many of the additional benefits of protein. Surprisingly, this assumption has never been fully proven (Pilon 2008, page 11).

The purpose then of this book is to review the current body of scientific research and find out if there is any truth to the alleged muscle building benefits of protein. Specifically, it will examine the benefits of eating high protein diets (In excess of the 90 grams per day that is the average intake in North America [Fulgoni VL, 2008]), and it will also examine the muscle building benefits of post-workout protein intake (Pilon 2008, page 14).

I also will share with you the exact amount of protein, or range of protein intakes that an adult human needs to eat to allow for measureable increases in skeletal muscle mass.  Finally I will explain where the fitness industry gets its information about the
effects of protein and how this information can be and usually is misinterpreted (Pilon 2008, page 15).

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