3 Day Fast

I’ve only just got an email from Brad Pilon about a 3 day fast.  If you don’t realise, Brad has written another ebook (his first actually) called Eat Stop Eat.

It’s about how to use fasting as a method of calorie control to create fat loss.  I’m currently trying it out and will post results once I’ve finished.

Anyway, recently Brad read a study about the effects of a 3 day fast.  It’s interesting stuff so I thought I would share it with you.

In this study the effects of a 3 day fast on human metabolism was examined.

By the way, Eat Stop Eat does not use a 3 day fast!

The authors found the benefits associated with fasting are:

  • No decrease in Energy Expenditure – metabolic rate DID NOT slow down
  • A decrease in RQ – indicating an increase in fat burning
  • Increased blood flow – some very impressive numbers, (I challenge any “Nitric Oxide” supplement to show this kind of data!!)
  • Decreased blood insulin levels – Considered to be one of the major health benefits of fasting
  • Increased glucagon levels – more reliance on body fat as a fuel source
  • Increased Growth Hormone levels – If you have read Eat Stop Eat then you know that I think this is one of the major keys behind the benefits of fasting
  • Increased noradrenaline – More fat burning hormones
  • No increase in cortisol – No reason to think that muscle is being broken down

One interesting point was the demonstration of the change in fuel sources that were fueling metabolism.

The amount of calories being burned during a  fasting day and a non-fasting day are roughly the same (about 2000 cals), however during fasting a lot more of these calories are coming from fat. And, since the subjects were not eating any fat while fasting, this fat must have been body fat.

Another interesting finding was that the majority of this fat was stomach fat.

While I do not recommend fasting for 3 days straight (Eat Stop Eat is done over 24 hours), this study does add evidence to the idea that fasting can be an effective method of reducing calorie intake and increasing fat burning without negatively effect metabolic rate, or muscle mass.

Check out Eat Stop Eat here and discover how easy it can be to lose bodyfat.  No diets, no restrictions.

(Gjedsted J, Gormsen LC, Nielsen S, et al. Effects of a 3 day fast on regional lipid and glucose metabolism in human skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. Acta Physiol 2007, 191, 205-216.)

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