How Many Calories For Weight Loss

“How Many Calories For Weight Loss”? This is a common question that arises.  The number I have come across is 1600 calories per day.  I’m pretty sure this is a recommendation for men.  As women can have smaller bodies their number could even be lower, around 950-1000 calories.

These are low numbers and intended for fairly fast fat loss over a 12 week period.  You have to understand that the amount of food required to meet these numbers is quite low.  A wise selection of foods is required as it could be easy to miss out on vitamins and minerals.

A consumer site I was looking at was reviewing different diets and they were all recommending around the 950 per day mark.  Again, I’m sure this number is aimed at women.  By the way, the site was not recommending these diets are they are limiting carbohydrates and restricting kilojoules to put the dieter into a state of ketosis.

It’s interesting to note that even though all the diets have different approaches they all end up recommending the same number of calories to eat per day….

This is why I say that most diets don’t work.  The style of diet makes no difference.  What matters is that you have to eat less in order to lose body fat.

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  1. Ty
    921 days ago

    Individuals do have to work out their own calorie requirements in order to lose bodyfat. 1600 has been used as an average example, it would differ for every individual.


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