Intermittent Fasting

If you have been following my recent posts you can see that intermittent fasting is an area that I am becoming interested in.  Intermittent fasting is where you go on a fast for 24 hours and then return to your normal eating patterns.

This style of fasting seems to be a safe and healthy way to shed off bodyfat by creating an overall calorie deficit over a week. Intermittent fasting does not seem to have any side effects whatsoever, and is being used as an effective weight loss plan.

The fast can be performed just once a week, but it is optimal to do it twice a week to create a calorie deficit.  Obviously you never fast 2 days in a row.  The best way is after the first fast have 2 days of normal eating, then the second fast, then 3 days of normal eating before repeating the cycle.

One particular study on fasting showed the following results:

  • No decrease in Energy Expenditure – metabolic rate DID NOT slow down
  • A decrease in RQ – indicating an increase in fat burning
  • Increased blood flow
  • Decreased blood insulin levels – Considered to be one of the major health benefits of fasting
  • Increased glucagon levels – more reliance on body fat as a fuel source
  • Increased Growth Hormone levels
  • Increased noradrenaline – More fat burning hormones
  • No increase in cortisol – No reason to think that muscle is being broken down

Basically, the fast put the body into a fat burning state without compromising muscle mass.

I’m always happy to test out new things so, the plan that I’m going to follow is found in Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.  I think I’ll track myself for about 12 weeks and then post my findings.  What I’ll be doing is fasting twice a week and working out twice a week as well.  The gym workout will be weightlifting performed on the same day as the fast.

Before you freak out, you need to understand that this is exactly what Brad recommends.  Check out the ebook and see for yourself how this works.
Either way I’ll still post my progress so that you can monitor it here too.

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  1. Deana
    963 days ago

    How’s it going so far?

  2. Bandit a la mode
    962 days ago

    Thank you for this, I have done a 14 day fast and everyone thought I was going to die – strangely I never felt better. Good do know there is proof that it doesn’t lower your metabolism or harm lean muscle mass.

  3. Ty
    962 days ago

    Hey Deana,

    It’s going OK, but I still need to watch calories. It’s all a learning experience and my goal is to have a result by Christmas.

  4. Ty
    962 days ago

    Wow!!! 14 day fast is extreme! As long as you know what you are doing and you are OK, it’s nice to hear that you feel good about it. I think I’ll stick to the 24hr fast myself. I can guarantee that the 24 hr fast does not affect muscle mass in any way. Given that I started this latest program after a 3 week break due to illness and a car accident, my muscle mass has returned in leaps and bounds, most of that is muscle memory. The point is that the fasting has not affected muscle growth in any way at all. At the moment I specifically want to burn bodyfat so I just need to watch the calories for a while.

  5. Rosalie
    962 days ago

    This is the stupidest article I have read. How dumb.
    You all need a life!

  6. Ty
    957 days ago

    I have life and I live it everyday :)

  7. S
    920 days ago

    fasting and working out on the same day? you’ll faint or pass out!

  8. Ty
    919 days ago

    Hey S,
    seriously, you won’t pass out! I have done it many times now, you will be impressed with the energy that you have on these days. I say all this with one reservation and that is if you have an existing health problem. If you have any medical issues you really need to talk to a doctor first before fasting to ensure that you will be ok.


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