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MuscleTech Anabolic Halo
It took me a while to work out what Anabolic Halo actually is.  At first glance I just assumed it was protein powder, but it’s not.  There is no protein listed on the ingredients label at all.  It does list specific amino acids, some of which are Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).  All the BCAA’s are made up in proprietary blends so their specific amounts are not listed.

So, I needed to look a little closer, what is this stuff?

There is plenty of other weird ingredients in this stuff as well like evodia powder.  I looked this up and it is used as a painkiller and also to stimulate the appetite.  Does this help with recovery as a painkiller?  I guess stimulating the appetite can’t hurt.  Another one is big catuaba powder which is supposed to act as a tonic for the nervous system.

Some people report that they feel sleepy after taking Anabolic Halo, other guys report that it increased their libido.  It’s probably this big catuaba powder causing these effects.  From what I found out it is considered to be an agent that strengthens and balances the function of the nervous system and may be both stimulating and sedating. Big catuaba powder has been used to relieve agitation, nervousness and anxiety. It is also used to relieve insomnia, particularly when related to nervous debility, and it also thought to alleviate depression, emotional stress and hypochondria. Catuaba is believed to calm overactive neurotransmitters.

So, I guess all these compounds are intended to support recovery after exercise.

Now I noticed Coleus Forskohlii Extract which is used as a fat burner.  Another compound was Vitus Vinifera Extract (Grape Seed extract).  This stuff supplies anti-oxidants.  Yohimbine Extract was also listed, this stuff is used as a fat burner and works like a stimulant.  Many people report strong side effects from Yohimbine like increased blood pressure.  I don’t know how Yohimbine is supposed to work with evodia and catuaba.  One is trying to jack you up while the other two are calming you down?

There are many other herbal extracts listed on the ingredients label for Anabolic Halo.  I haven’t bothered to research all of them. I’m sure they are intended to do something, but whether they work with each other or against each other, I don’t know.

Creatine Monohydrate & Beta Alanine

The main thing I noticed in the ingredients were two compounds which I am very interested in.  One is still being tested in many studies and shows some promising results.  The other has been scientifically proven to give results in the gym and is the one compound you can call “anabolic”.  These ingredients were Beta Alanine and Creatine.

Beta Alanine supplementation has been shown to increase the concentration of carnosine in muscles, decrease fatigue in athletes and increase total muscular work done.  This is a real promising supplement and I look forward to other studies coming out about this stuff.  So far a lot of people give good reviews about its performance.  If it keeps going this way it will be up there with the king of all supplements… Creatine.
MuscleTech Anabolic Halo, 2.4 Lbs., Orange Avalanche

Creatine monohydrate is the one supplement on the market that is guaranteed to work and has 20 years of science research behind it.  Anabolic Halo lists creatine monohydrate as well as creatine malate and creatine taurinate.  These last two forms of creatine are new in the market and have no studies behind them.  I personally have tried creatine malate and got zero results from it.  It just didn’t work for me.  I have never seen creatine taurinate in the shops but I wouldn’t bother chasing it down.  Creatine monohydrate is the king.  It is an anabolic supplement that is guaranteed to build muscle by decreasing fatigue and making you get more work performed with increased weights.

Anabolic Halo

Anabolic Halo has many other vitamins and minerals listed on its label.  As far as I’m concerned you can take out all the weird herbal stuff, take out the BCAA’s and all the other vitamins.  Just leave the creatine monohydrate in and this stuff will work.  It’s the creatine that is building the muscle and it’s creatine that will give you results time and time again.

MuscleTech Anabolic Halo, 2.4 Lbs., Orange Avalanche

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  1. kre-alkalyn
    1112 days ago

    Kre-Alkalyn is the top most creatine supplement on the market. It does work, sharing my experience..

  2. Artie Lipson
    1104 days ago

    I decided to move up from a simple multi-vitamin and decided to go with the best on the market, which is the Dr Max Powers “Anabolic Stack”. The more I research, the more I realize it is a good idea to suppliment the diet with a good multi.

    Since I am the gym and working out quite a bit, I could justify stepping up to the Dr Max Anabolic Stack. I have been taking them for almost 3 weeks and seem to have additional energy. I have had no side effects at all and have gotten used to taking all the pills in the morning.

    I recommend this product for those that are active and want to ensure they are meeting all their vitamin and mineral needs. If this doesn’t cover it.. nothing will!

  3. Ty
    1104 days ago

    Hey Artie,

    That stuff isn’t a multi-vitamin at all. The only think anabolic in it is creatine, the rest of the ingredients won’t be doing anything of value at all. There just isn’t any reputable scientific evidence to back any of it up. Save your money and just get some creatine monohydrate and you will do just as well. If you want a multi vitamin check out that Animal Pak.



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