Universal Animal Pak

The old war horse of the bodybuilding world is Universal Animal Pak.  I say this because this product has been around for just over 20 years.  Basically Universal Animal Pak is a multivitamin with some extra stuff added.

I use multivitamins daily and I believe they are valuable in covering yourself with your dietary needs.  Many nutritionists suggest they are a waste of money and that we don’t need to be taking multivitamins.  I guess if we ate a perfect diet every day we would meet all our nutritional needs but the reality is that we don’t eat perfectly every day.  I certainly don’t.

Universal Animal Pak

I’ve tried all sorts of multivitamins and, in the end, they are all pretty similar.  The best ones are those that use naturally based ingredients that the body naturally converts into the vitamins and minerals required. Universal Animal Pak has a comprehensive range of ingredients including amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants as well as the vitamins and minerals that you expect.

I noticed that it also has Argentine Liver, how old school is that?  I recommend trying it out to see what you think.  It’s also good for girls too, there’s nothing weird in it that will play around with hormones or anything.

The only thing is balancing out the cost compared to other products that you have locally.  Just compare the ingredients labels because there’s stuff in Universal Animal Pak that you won’t find in other multivitamins.

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    611 days ago

    I’ll give Universal Animal Park a try. I’m actually looking for the best supplement and this could be what I need based on your review. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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