Increased Growth Hormone Levels

Growth hormone is getting a lot of press these days. Rumour mills are buzzing that many top-level Hollywood celebrities are taking growth hormone because it helps burn fat, build muscle, and supposedly has ‘anti-aging’ effects.

Many supplement companies are scrambling around trying to find anything that will allow them to say their products can increase growth hormone.

The ironic thing I learned from all this research is that if you want large increases in the amount of growth hormone released in your body, all you have to do is fast.

Research has shown that short-term fasting can increase growth hormone levels by nearly six fold.

In fact, fasting can cause very large increases in the amount of circulating growth hormone. The same growth hormone that celebrities, bodybuilders and fitness models pay thousands of dollars for on the black market, can be easily had for free, just by fasting!

(Fasting increases Growth Hormone)

The rumour that taking growth hormone helps burn fat, build muscle and increases metabolism is actually supported by research. However, the amazing connection between growth hormone and fasting has nothing to do with injecting growth hormone.

Fasting triggers the “growth hormone response” and this response is what prevents you from losing muscle while you fast. And, since your muscle is largely responsible for your metabolism, growth hormone also plays a large part in keeping your metabolism elevated while you are fasting.

Not only does growth hormone prevent you from losing muscle while you fast, but it is also vitally important in the process of releasing your stored fat so it can be burnt for energy. This growth hormone response to fasting is so important that some researchers have actually argued that in the yin and yang of fed and fasted, it is actually growth hormone and not glucagon that is the dominant hormone in the fasted stated because it causes fat burning and preserves your muscle mass.

FED – Insulin Dominant Metabolism
FASTED – Growth Hormone Dominant Metabolism

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