Increased Weight Loss and Increased Fat Loss

As you can see, fasting sets you up perfectly for fat loss and weight loss. Metabolically it prepares your body by increasing all of the hormones necessary to increase fat burning. Added to that, it creates a large energy deficit, so your body has no choice but to start burning fat for energy.  Research shows that you will lose two to three pounds every time you fast. THIS IS NOT ALL FAT.  Much of this is extra body water being lost (insulin causes you to store extra water, so when insulin is low, you tend to lose water). You are also losing fat, but it is a slow and steady process.

Most diets see a loss of one to two pounds of fat per week. Adding short term fasting into your lifestyle will have the same effect (just without the dieting).

Occasional periods of fasting result in weight loss

People in studies who have used short-term fasting as a weight loss method managed to lose more weight in a 10-week period than people on a very low calorie diet.

Even more impressive is that the people who used fasting as a method of weight control maintained most of their weight loss over the course of an entire year. This is very different from the people who were on low calorie and very low calorie diets, who tended to regain all of their weight loss one year after their initial diet.

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