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I’m such an impulse buyer that I bought these ebooks IMMEDIATELY after seeing the websites:

How Much Protein?
Eat Stop Eat

These are the COOLEST ebooks I’ve read in a while. That’s why I posted all those excerpts about them.

I’ll quit yapping about it …you can read about them here:

How Much Protein?
Eat Stop Eat


So, the guy who owns these products is an entrepreneur as well as a health & fitness freak and he gave me a review copy of each of these books for free so that I could promote them as an affiliate… but I bought them anyway.

And the reason why???

I didn’t want to have to email him and ask for it… and then wait on his response…

I wanted them NOW.

So I bought the ebooks immediately. 

(It’s cheap anyway).


Here’s the deal – this is GOOD. I highly recommend these ebooks because they WILL HELP YOU.

I’m already implementing what I’ve learned.  Check it out:

How Much Protein?
Eat Stop Eat

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