You ain’t THAT Special

You are human

Your body works exactly the same way that mine does.  In terms of physiology… you are not unique.  Humans can be categorised into general groups and body types, but that’s where the differences end.

There has always been a myth that your exercise program needs to be tailored especially for you OR that you need to DISCOVER what works for you.  It appeals to us that we should have something especially for us.  We like to feel unique and special.

The reality is however:

  • There is a finite and predictable amount of muscle you can build based on your body type
  • Your metabolic rate is determined by your lean body mass and controlled within a tight range
  • You lose body fat by eating less calories than you burn (it’s the ONLY way)
  • Everyone’s body digests and reacts to food the same way (taking into account disease or allergies)

The original exercise sequences and programs developed over time by professional and olympic coaches still work. Physiologists already know that the way that our bodies build muscle and burn fat haven’t changed in thousands of years and you don’t need any newfangled, trendy way of making these processes happen.

You don’t need anything SPECIAL.  You need DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT.  You need to stop following TRENDS and focus on the SIMPLE stuff that WORKS.


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