Body of Rules

After my series of posts about fasting and weight loss you should have worked out the secret truth by now. There’s only ONE rule to dropping body fat:

“Figure out a way to CONSISTENTLY consume less calories than what you burn”

It’s the unbreakable rule of fat loss. You cannot side skirt it.

Did you know that muscle building has similar rules too?

Well, it does and it’s sad to say that all of the current focus on:

  • What’s better, kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells?
  • Sets, reps, and rest intervals
  • Pre and post workout nutrition
  • Muscle building supplements
  • and more

… has most guys totally missing out on the ONLY rule of muscle building… and if you aren’t doing this, you won’t gain any muscle size.

“Each workout must be 100% EFFORT with a constant progression of the weight that you lift”

Once you get this, once you understand BOTH the #1 Rule Of Fat Loss AND the #1 Rule of Muscle Building, the pieces of the puzzle just fit together.

The Rules of Fat Loss and Muscle Building are SIMPLE

… you just have to do it.

The Adonis EffectThe Adonis Effect is one of the most simple and straight forward exercise programs that I have come across. It works and it’s easy… you just have to do it.

Apparently these guys are working on a Venus Effect program too. It’s intended to be just for women. Having said that, the Adonis Effect can be done by women too. My girlfriend is currently trying it out and she’s loving it. The transformation of her body is really satisfying for her, she’s really happy with it.

The whole program is designed to highlight the natural shape of you body without adding any extra bulk that you body can’t naturally handle. You don’t need to spend money on fancy supplements either. Just eat normal healthy food. That’s it… you just have to do it.

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