Focus Your Attention

Your most valuable asset isn’t your time, your money, or even your health… it’s your ATTENTION and where you choose to place it.

Focus Your AttentionThink about this, if you’re trying to lose weight, but your attention is on everything ELSE besides figuring out the best way for you to eat less… you’ll never lose fat.

If you’re trying to build muscle, and your attention is on everything ELSE besides how to do more work in the gym… Then you won’t grow muscle.

If your attention is on a person that’s trying to get you to live the “fitness lifestyle” when your goal is to live the “family” lifestyle… then you’ll do neither.

Getting in better shape has nothing to do with ANY of the things that you see in the magazines and, in fact, most of these recommendations will only make you frustrated.

Do they work? Sure, for a person whose WHOLE LIFE revolves around “fitness stuff”.

But who REALLY lives like that unless IT’S THEIR JOB! (think about that)

So, simplify your life and focus your attention on what is relevant and what works. If you’re tired of reading about how you need to

  • eat (x) number of calories per day to grow muscle
  • or you need (x) amount of protein
  • or you need to MAXIMIZE whatever hormone to make your muscles huge

… then you need to simplify your life on focus on what counts.

You don’t have to live the “fitness lifestyle” to get an awesome body… I’ve realised that.

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