Brown Fat in Humans

It is interesting to note that there have been a couple of studies showing that Brown Fat Exists in adult humans. We seem to store a small amount behind our shoulder blades and our clavicles.

Research behind Brown Fat in humans has been picked up, in the past, by weight loss gurus and supplement companies.

They try to suggest that it can assist in fat burning and that their latest pill or potion will do something incredible to human Brown Fat.

It’s true that because of it’s high mitochondria content and the fact it expresses UPC1, brown fat cells actually burn energy (as opposed to just being an energy storage unit like normal fat). In fact, many proteins found in brown fat cells that are involved in fat uptake from the blood and fat combustion are more similar to those found in muscle.

Brown Fat in Animals

In small mammals, exposure to cold stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to release the hormone adrenaline, which triggers brown fat cells to consume more fat and glucose for heat production. It appears that brown fat might play the same role in humans too. Basically it helps you stay warm when its cold outside.

So..what’s this mean to you?… absolutely nothing.

Brown Fat in Humans

Humans don’t have enough Brown Fat to create any fat burning effect at all. It doesn’t change how you lose weight. Just because we learn something about how the body works doesn’t mean that suddenly we can make it work better.

The whole Brown Fat idea has been exploited as a therapy for obesity with all sorts of stupid pills being produced to take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people.

If you just stick to the simple solutions that have always worked you will do a lot better. Consuming less works and will always work. It does take discipline, but only for a little while. Then you get used to it.

It does help if you have emotional support in the early stages. That’s what we want to provide. A solution and something that will help us look good.

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