Flexible Intermittent Fasting

Discover The Truth

I just wanted to share my experiences with Flexible Intermittent Fasting. I’ve been doing it for nearly 12 weeks now and I’m really happy with the results. It’s like I’ve DISCOVERED THE TRUTH or something like that. I reckon that this fasting idea will work EXTREMELY WELL for you too.

The thing is, you are already doing really, really well. Seriously…

I know you are already eating well and exercising. Chances are your diet is actually ALMOST where you need it to be. I don’t expect that you would be overeating like the so-called gurus keep on preaching about. When I say “eating well” I mean that you are meeting your basal metabolic rate, the metabolic cost of your workouts and everything else you do in a day.

This is the TOTAL amount of calories you NEED in a day to stay at the EXACT same body weight.

Now, here’s what most people don’t realise. If you are eating at this level you are NOT going to lose any weight. To suggest that you are eating too much is wrong. At some point in your life you must have overeaten otherwise you wouldn’t be overweight now, but that doesn’t mean you are STILL grossly overeating now.

There’s a good chance right now that you are only slightly overeating. You aren’t gaining, but you aren’t losing either.

So really… You are Almost There.

Flexible Intermittent Fasting

You know, one (maybe TWO) 24 hour fasts per week is probably all it’s going to take to get you on the right track. You will lose weight, it won’t be a crash diet or anything, but if you do it properly you will see steady, consistent weight loss.

The type of weight loss is healthy and will make you really really happy.

You’re SO CLOSE to achieving your goal. You just need that one tiny thing that will finally push you over the edge into your real weight loss mode.

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