Please, read this…

I’m sure you know everything that’s out there about protein. The magazines, the forums, the articles, the supplement info… etc (and it’s good that you’re prepared to research and learn about this stuff too.)

What I was shocked to discover is that MOST OF THIS INFORMATION IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

There’s absolutely ZERO value to most of the hype on the internet about protein and protein supplements, period.

Think about it …EVERY “so-called guru expert” proclaims that you need huge amounts of protein on a daily basis to grow big muscles. They insist that this is a “must-do” thing… and you follow their advice. The thing is you’re still NOT BIG no matter how much protein you shovel down your throat. The amount of protein you have eaten has made NO DIFFERENCE to the SIZE of your muscles.

This should be obvious, right?

But there’s another thing that most people overlook.


Serioulsy, right?  I mean unless you’re jabbing needles in your thighs every day you haven’t changed much… apart from getting fatter. Am I wrong? You’re not the guy who stands in front of the mirror agonizing over your appearance after you’ve been to the gym to crank out another “hardcore” workout?

As a matter of fact, I was “one of those guys” for a number of years… scoffing down a couple of chicken breasts at a time using a tub of protein powder a week… and my muscle size didn’t change… but I did get fatter.

You can stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s not you. 

…I don’t care, it makes no difference to my life, at all. 

Because I learnt how much protein I really need, I was able to quickly reduce my bodyfat levels, save a ton of money and focus on what it takes to really build muscle FAST.

(It’s true that you have a genetic limit to the amount of muscle you can naturally grow. But it if wasn’t for the information I discovered I’d still be agonizing over it today and I wouldn’t even have time to post this stuff.)


It’s this: How Much Protein by Brad Pilon has my highest possible 

You and I both know you need protein… and it’s obvious, once you read this, that Brad’s an incredible teacher.

(The quality of the free stuff he’s releases is outstanding …but wait’ll you see the actual product. It’s truly revolutionary.)

Anyway – I feel so strongly about this that I needed to tell you.

(Even if you don’t get it now, take the time to think about this. Are you really making any gains at all?)


If you actually buy this you’ll discover:

  • How to optimise your workouts so that you get maximum effect for minimal effort. (Probably the single biggest secret the Pros keep to themselves.)
  • The one supplement that has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to work… and it’s not protein.
  • How many calories you REALLY need on a daily basis to grow muscle.

So in a nutshell, this is an e-book that’s specifically dedicated to BUSTING MYTHS and TELLING THE TRUTH about how much protein you really need for health and fitness.

It’s very confronting stuff that goes against the grain… BUT IT’S THE TRUTH and you need to read it BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO KNOW.


This is a damn good book if I do say so myself.

And if it sounds good to you, HERE’S WHAT I WANT YOU 

Go check out the homepage for the ebook:

How Much Protein by Brad Pilon

If it sounds like something that’s a good fit for your lifestyle, get on the game and buy it.

P.S. Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with degrees and stuff, so he knows what he’s talking about! He’s done all the research…


So go check this out …it’s the hottest thing in natural training right now. (Talk about good timing!)

How Much Protein by Brad Pilon

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  1. houston personal injury
    793 days ago

    I did not have this much knowledge about protein but after reading this post I can say that I have just improved my knowledge.I will definitely read that eBook which you have recommended.

  2. Patrick
    781 days ago

    Again and again the same thing. A guy want to make money with a new brillan idea.

    He said stop putting your money in protein give me your momey instead and I will give you a secret.

    Why we have access free to all real studdy around the world about nutrition and we need to pay a guy to have is own secret.

  3. Ty
    781 days ago

    Hey Patrick,

    I respect your opinions but it’s not really about the money. The health and supplement industry makes BILLIONS of dollars every year and most of the stuff they sell doesn’t do anything for you at all. People get sucked into the marketing hype and believe the mis-information that is spread about different products. People trust what they are being told and fork out the money thinking they are doing the right thing. Brad Pilon has worked in this industry and feels that we should know THE TRUTH about protein and protein products. I would rather spend under $40.00 and find out that I don’t need to spend anymore money on useless protein products. Don’t you think that’s smart?

    If you are a student or academic and have the time to spend reading all the research yourself then you don’t need to spend the money on the ebook. If you have access to the research papers and have the education to wade through all the data and draw your conclusions you are in a privileged position… just like Brad. For the rest of us “average” people, we need to rely on someone like Brad Pilon to do the research for us and provide us the facts on “The Truth”.

    Please don’t think that I’m attacking you ’cause I’m not. I’m glad you made these comments and you are right to ask the question. But be assured… there is a billion dollar industry out there that doesn’t want you to “know” these secrets. And they have been closely guarded secrets for a long time. I think we are lucky that someone like Brad is prepared to expose their trickery and tell us the truth about protein.

  4. Patrick
    781 days ago

    Hi Ty,

    I know that supplement industry make a lot of money and most of us don’t need those products.
    It just because when I click on the link for getting information about the book, it was again the same “marketing” page format like of thousand others that are trying to sell something.

    But yes after reading the page it pick my curiosity and I think I will buy it to see what it look like.


  5. Ty
    780 days ago

    Hey Pat, thanks for the feedback!
    I know exactly what you mean by the “marketing” pages. There is so much mis-information out there that it’s hard to wade through the rubbish to discover the truth. I’ve spent 20 years searching for knowledge and I’m still learning, but I am committed to providing real, factual information on my blog here. I put this information into practice myself and I’ll be posting more about that soon… even “revealing” myself on video :)

    Anyway, I have previously posted some excerpts from the book if you haven’t already found them:

    I hope you enjoy the book and get some value from it.


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