Sadness Of Scams

Ionized and Alkaline Water

I was talking to someone the other day and they were trying to tell me all about acidic and alkaline water. They believed acidic water is really bad for you and we should be drinking alkaline water. The believe the alkaline water will flush the toxins out of your system.

After a little research on Google it wasn’t hard to see this is a scam. There’s a chemistry site that explains the myth really well. Read Snake Oil On Tap

A Life Changing Reality

The person telling me this has recovered from cancer surgery. They have faced the reality of death and have come through the other side. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to face these health issues. I hope I never do.

After going through something like this… it must be life changing. I wonder what realisations you experience, I wonder how you question life and what your purpose is here. It causes some to resolve a determination to make changes in their lives.

The Sadness Of Scams

It’s sad when I see people get sucked into scams. These people are usually emotionally vulnerable and looking for hope. The scams have a message that plays on some truths and rings a bell in the mind of someone searching for an answer. If they believe they have “found” the answer they cling on, with great hope in their eyes… it can be heartbreaking when they discover it’s a scam.

What hurts even more is when they never discover the scam and continue for years, giving up their money and their dignity… all in the hope of the “answer”. The “answer” that never comes.

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  1. Jim Crawley
    824 days ago

    So the huckster who came up with this is Dr. Otto Warburg. He won two nobel prizes for his research back in the 1920-30′s. You on the other hand are a writer with I’m guessing no nobel prizes for your writing.Until your in a position to do your own research don’t be bashing other peoples research.

    I’m sure your from the cut-poison-burn school of cancer treatment. Get a life instead of writing about someone else’s.

  2. Ty
    824 days ago

    Well Jim,

    All I see is desperate people spending a lot of money and not enjoying any change in their life. Hope is a powerful emotion and easily manipulated by unscrupulous scammers. From what I can see Warburg got 1 Nobel Prize for research on sea urchins. He was nominated for another but not selected. Anyway, it seems later in his life he started developing eccentric ideas about health and was trying to sell organic bread made from wheat that was grown on his own property. Perhaps that was his pension scheme?

    I don’t know where any of this ties into the water scams. But they are scams and there is no scientific evidence to prove that they work.

  3. Kylie
    824 days ago

    that’s funny. back to your corner boys:)

  4. Houston personal injury
    788 days ago

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