Will Your Muscles Shrink?

One of the so-called Rules Of Muscle Building is that if you don’t eat enough calories, or if you go on a “crash diet”, somehow all of your muscle mass will wither away, vanish or FALL OFF!

This myth is strong. You’ll find it in magazines, repeated by almost ALL personal trainers, fat loss experts and bodybuilders.

But Something Is Weird

I’ve been dieting pretty hard and have dropped about 10kg already, but my muscle remains??? I haven’t seen this muscle wasting myth happen to me. My strength levels have varied but my muscle measurements are roughly the same.

So, where is the dreaded catabolic death that we are supposed to be doomed to? There are days that I have fasted for 24 hours and all the other days I am eating low calorie. There are even times where I am only eating one meal for the entire day.

What happened to the horror story of all of my muscle disappearing?

Is it possible that the horrible effects of muscle wasting… ARE A MYTH?

Is it ALL just transient water?

When you “bulk” up you add more water to your frame, then you “diet” down, which pulls that water away. Thus giving you the artificial feeling of “gaining” more muscle than you have and “losing” that same muscle on the way down.

Do you think the muscle gaining and fat loss industry is using this effect to sell you products, services and programs based on claims from the EFFECTS of transient water?

It’s just a question… an interesting question for sure.

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  1. face lift
    795 days ago

    This is completely new information for me to know about muscles.Actually I wonder when I read this post that will muscle shrink or not?Well I don’t think so that muscle will shrink.

  2. p90x
    487 days ago

    Strength training is also great for increasing your metabolism. By increasing lean muscle mass you are increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is the rate at which you burn calories while at total rest and accounts for 60% to 70% of the total calories you burn during the day.


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