Do You Have A Fast Metabolism?

24hr Fasting has some interesting effects. Obviously, it helps you lose weight and it will also help you to overcome obsessive compulsive eating.

But, it also causes some ‘issues’…

People that get into fasting sort of become “enlightened” and stop ‘buying-in’ to the typical nutrition nonsense that’s out there in the media.

We Fasters learn that to be lean, all we have to do is exercise and eat less…(kinda obvious, really) We’ve also learned to relax about what we eat. We do eat responsibly, but also enjoy the foods we like.

So why is this an issue?

Well, because everyone else just can’t FIGURE US OUT. They don’t believe it can be THIS EASY. So they look for other explanations…

Are you someone that is accused of having a “fast metabolism”?

Dieting and bodyfat is an emotional issue for some and there is a danger that we can become a group of people that other people HATE

We have become “those people” who eat whatever they want are are still losing weight or stay lean. We even get accused of having a ‘fast metabolism’!

What’s the Problem with Fasting?

I wonder if we contribute to other people’s nutrition-confusion? In the end people really choose what they want to believe.

If they WANT to believe the ONLY POSSIBLE way to lose weight it to never eat another MICROGRAM of sugar ever again… fine. Leave them with their head in the sand. It doesn’t matter.

We know the truth…

With Fasting you truly can have your cake and eat it too! Good food, lean body, less stress.

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  1. Houston personal injury
    788 days ago

    I always believe that people should do fast at least once a week.Fasting is always good for health and of course for your metabolism.We can also do juice fasting for better metabolism.I think that this is also a good way.With the help of fasting I find that many people have lost their weights.


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