Fasting For Weight Loss

Fasting For Weight Loss

Fasting for weight loss is starting to become popular in some circles.  The problem that I find with it is that people are talking about 3 day fasts, 4 day fasts and I’ve even seen a 30 day fast!  These ideas are pretty extreme for ordinary people to accept.

You only have to mention the concept of fasting to someone and they will reel in horror.  Because of social conditioning and mis-information, they believe that fasting for weight loss will result in health problems.  Normal people have a deep-seated belief that you need to eat all the time to stay healthy.  The believe that any break in eating patterns is a concern and that the feeling of hunger is bad.

Once I started reading about fasting I discovered that you can enjoy not only weight loss but many other health benefits as well.  Fasting boosts the immune system and encourages the body to destroy toxins and bad cells that would otherwise become cancerous.  A lot of people that have faced life threatening diseases have turned to fasting as a preventative measure and fasting is winning recognition alongside other natural cancer remedies.

Anyway, the main concern I have with fasting for weight loss is that this focus on fasts that last for a couple of days will put a lot of people off from trying it.  It is too laborious for someone to take on.  Even I wouldn’t try a 30 day fast!!  Who would???

Fasting for Weight Loss Can Be Easy

What I’ve found is that 24hr fast are easy and have plenty of health benefits.  Fasting for weight loss is a long term lifestyle what will prevent disease and provide long lasting health and wellness.

Research shows that it’s at about the 18 hour mark into a fast where the peak of the health benefits occur.  Insulin levels drop, growth hormone levels rise and various other hormones are elevated too.  I was actually surprised how energised I felt after a 24hr fast.  On days that I fast, between the 18 and 24 hr marks I go to the gym and do a workout.  The exercise doesn’t deplete me and I can complete the exercise program without any problem at all.

Fasting for weight loss is easy when you approach it this way.  You don’t have to take on a marathon fast to achieve weight loss.  Fasting for weight loss takes just 24 hrs and you only need do it once or twice a week.

But fasting doesn’t just provide weight loss.  There are so many other health benefits from fasting and I intend to extend on this further.  I don’t want to go as far as saying it’s a cancer remedy but I believe fasting is a holistic cure for many diseases.  This is all over a long term period of course.  The same goes for weight loss too.

Fasting for weight loss won’t produce overnight results.  That’s not a healthy way to approach weight loss.  But, adopting fasting as a lifestyle, you can achieve fantastic weight loss over the long term.  You will notice results within a 3 month period, perhaps even sooner.  But it’s the rest of your life where the benefits really count.


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  1. business card printing online
    916 days ago

    Your articles are very informative but I don’t believe in the fasting because after fasting we eat more food so The better way is to eat less in the certain periods.Empty stomach is also the cause of fat.

  2. life coach certification
    857 days ago

    I personally think Fasting is not proper way to loose weight,because while fasting you not loose much weight but you loose your energy you will tried throughout the day you don’t feel good.



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