Healthy Fasting

If you are suffering from an illness or disease you won’t need to change much in your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits that holistic cures can provide. Healthy fasting by itself can provide some amazing holistic cures that can improve your quality of life.

The way I approached healthy fasting is to adopt it into my normal lifestyle. Whenever I try to “begin” a program of some type, it requires a psychological commitment with some sort of end point or goal in mind. Now, you know that even though we want to take on something to change our lives, most people rationalise that they can’t start because of some reason or event that’s happening at that time.

If they do begin a fasting program I can guarantee that something will happen that causes them to quit before the end of the program. It seems to be in our nature to behave that way.

I don’t want to be like that.

I’ve found that once I adopt a practice or behaviour into my lifestyle, no matter what happens in life, I don’t give up on those practices or behaviours. This is what has happened to me with fasting. Healthy fasting is completely flexible to my lifestyle. I can fast on any day that I choose, and because I only fast for a 24 hour period, I can still consume food every day. How hard is that???

Healthy Fasting for the Cure of Disease

A remarkable amount of detox occurs within the 24 hour mark of a fast. Due to the rapid breakdown of triglycerides which are burnt off for fuel, the body starts to eliminate toxins from the system. By consuming only water or green tea I can literally flush out my system within a 24 hour period.

I’ve found that based on studies, the greatest amount of fat burning during a healthy fast happens in the 18-24 hour mark. After this time the fat burning still happens but it tends to plateau out for a while and only increase slightly more. The biggest benefits of healthy fasting happen in that 18-24 hour mark.

So, the point I want to make is that the fasting detox effect will also happen during this time. Toxins will be rapidly eliminated by the body or destroyed by the immune system. I should add that the immune systems gets a HUGE boost from healthy fasting too. Healthy fasting will promote the immune system to attack disease and defective cells within the body. I’ve read of a few cases where fasting has cured disease because of these effects.

It’s interesting to read of cases where people suffering from arthritis, psoriasis and even locomotor-ataxia were all cured though healthy fasting. There are also many cases of natural cancer treatments successfully using healthy fasting to cure cancers. Healthy fasting encourages the immune system to breakdown and destroy the cancer cells.

Side Effects of Fasting?

Are there any? I haven’t experience anything negative with healthy fasting. Even with the detox that happens, I just haven’t felt anything bad at all.

There’s a popular opinion out there that when you detox you will get headaches, pains or feel ill. I just hasn’t happened for me and I think it doesn’t really happens to people at all. Some people can experience a little dizziness or light headedness when fasting, but these symptoms don’t relate to any health problems. In fact, over time those symptoms will go away as the body adapts to the fasting lifestyle.

I didn’t get any of those experiences. In the early weeks I did feel hungry but water or tea helped relieve that… and it only lasted about an hour and then I was OK for the rest of the 24 hour period. If I was busy doing things and moving around I didn’t notice the hunger feelings at all. That suggest to me that it’s more in the mind than the body.

For me, the biggest side effect I am experiencing is the weight loss. It’s not dramatic, just slow, steady fat burning. I’m very happy with that and it’s completely flexible with my lifestyle. If I want to go out to dinner I can… and I eat whatever I want. Even Dessert! That’s because I know that I’ve already fasted or I can do a fast tomorrow. Either way I’m creating a calorie deficit and burning off excess fat.

I’m sure the other benefits of fasting I’m experiencing are below the surface. My immune system is healthy. I don’t get sick. I’ve never had a flu vaccine in my life… and I’ve never gotten the flu either.

That’s All The Evidence I Need About Healthy Fasting

If you’re ill at the moment I reckon you should give fasting a try. Just do it for 24 hours once or twice a week. You can start a fast at noon, which means you can eat breakfast on that day. 24 hours later you can eat lunch the next day. You never go a day without eating something and that makes it so much easier.

Healthy fasting is something that you can adopt into you normal life. You can do it whenever you want, depending on the demands of your life at the time. By adopting a healthy fasting lifestyle you will prevent disease and cure any existing diseases in your body.

You’ll also look good too.

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