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I should warn you though, a lot of the info I provide on this blog may go “against the grain”.   That is, I really want to break away from the hype and mis-information that surrounds the health and wellness field.

I have had some emotional reactions in the past and that’s understandable too.  People invest a lot of themselves into this and it can be quite emotional when they are confronted with something that goes against everything they believe. But it’s not wasted effort when you learn something new.  Something that may actually help prevent disease and improve your wellbeing.

That’s How I Feel About Fasting

In recent times I’ve discovered a lot of info about fasting, especially 24hr fasting.  The health benefits are amazing (not to mention the fat loss too).  I think this is a new area we need to explore in the 21st Century.

We have an obesity epidemic happening all around the world while the food industry is enjoying ongoing profits.  I know it sounds a little like a “conspiracy theory” but they don’t REALLY want us to stop consuming, do they?  If we eat less it means we are buying less, therefore less profits for them.

There’s a whole industry based around dieting and fat loss.  Most of it involves paying money for supplements, shakes, pills and whatever.  In the end, does any of it help you lose weight?  NO.  They can’t afford to have people lose weight, who would they sell to then?

Anyway, I’ll hop off the soapbox now.  From time to time I’ll write more about that.

Diet For Free

You don’t need to waste your money on rubbish that doesn’t work.  Fasting is a cost effective way to control fat loss AND enhance your health.  There is a wealth of information proving the health benefits of fasting.  It boosts your immune system and increases your lifespan.

This is what I want to share with you.

BTW,  if you are an athlete this whole fasting thing WON’T shrink your muscles.
I can guarantee it.

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