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One of the most essential ingredients to recovery is often the most overlooked. Along with a balanced diet and adequate exercise, 7-8 hours a night of quality sleep is essential for recovery from any form of physical activity.

Sleep is one of the basic needs of the body. It restores energy supplies, boosts hormone levels and recharges the immune system. Many professional athletes are recommended to get 9-10 hours per night and even include a short nap during the day. You just can’t afford to neglect this requirement. Getting into a regular pattern of sleep is the best way to manage recovery. Going to bed and rising at the same time every day will optimise this process.

Sleep is one of the basic needs of the body.

Having trouble going to sleep, restless sleep throughout the night and waking up exhausted are all signs of nervous system fatigue. To remedy this try relaxation and/or meditation techniques.

Too many times people focus their attention on workout routines, fad diets and supplements as a remedy for recovery problems. Don’t overlook the power of sleep. It is one of the basic needs of the body and can provide the most powerful solutions for recovery from exercise and injury.

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  1. Patrick
    768 days ago

    That is TRUE. Sleep is almost the most powerful drug that you can give to your body.
    By the way Ty I just discover your blog and it have a lot of good info, continue your work it good to read you.


  2. Ty
    768 days ago

    Thanks Pat, will do. I’ve got some great plans for my blog. Look forward to it :)


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