Maqui Berry

I’ve just noticed the latest scam fad to hit the internet… the Maqui Berry.

According to legend it has an antioxidant value HUGELY higher than the fabled Acai Berry. (You can read here what I think about acai berries).

I don’t know whether there is any evidence to show the antioxidant value of this berry or how it compares to acai. I do know that blueberries beat acai berries hands down when it comes to nutritional value. So it won’t surprise me if the result is the same with the new kid on the block.

The maqui berry hails from Patagonia, so they say, but it seems that it is grown in different parts around the world. It is never clearly stated online where any of the products are sourced from, for all you know it’s grown in the sellers backyard, and you have no guarantee that you will be receiving a quality product either.

Magic Weight Loss Cure – Eat Maqui Berries!!

Of course, again, the inevitable weight loss claims are made with maqui berries. (It wouldn’t be internet marketing without a weight loss claim, would it?) I haven’t seen any before and after pictures yet, but I’m sure they’re not too far away. Silly claims that it will remove any toxins and chemicals from body are not backed up with any science, nor is there any evidence provided that eating berries will assist in weight loss. We all know it won’t. Weight loss is all about calories in verses calories out… regardless of what you eat.

The detox claims are new to me. I have to shake my head to think that a berry will detox my body… Really? I can believe this rubbish??

One article I saw also made claims that maqui berries had anti-inflammatory properties. Again, no evidence to back this claim. Jeez!!! I’ll have to throw out the fish oil…. who needs omega 3′s when you got berries!!!

Maqui Berry, A Great Deal?? – NOT!!

It seems like every year now they look for a new berry scam to push on the internet… always at ridiculously inflated prices. The scam lies in the price they charge for these berries and the weight loss claims. As a fruit I’m sure these berries are OK. They would have vitamin C in them, like any fruit and they would have a certain level of antioxidants too. Like any fruit.

But I haven’t seen anything yet that beats blueberries for antioxidant value… and nobody claims that blueberries will make you lose weight.

Don’t waste your money on internet fads… they are over-priced. You can get just as good fruit from your local store for a fraction of the price. These berries won’t help you lose weight, it’s impossible for any berry to do that. There is no food or supplement that will make you lose weight.

Weight loss is all about the volume of food you consume versus how much energy you use during the day. It’s pretty simple, really.

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  1. kylie
    958 days ago

    skimmed it.interesting

  2. Gerryg
    955 days ago

    Don’t buy.

  3. Randy Paul
    778 days ago


    Here is a link that might make you reconsider your stance on the supreme antioxidant value blueberries. I agree with you that blueberries are a GREAT source of nutrition. However, If you want to be an informed “nutritional eater” you should really read this pdf:

    I would love to hear your feedback!


  4. Ty
    777 days ago

    The main message I wanted to give was that fat loss is all about eating less calories. Consuming berry based drinks won’t create fat loss and there is a danger that these types of drinks can promote fat loss due to the high concentration of natural sugars. It doesn’t matter what you consume, if you have more calories than what you need you will get fat.

    As for nutritional value, I favor blueberries because you can get them anywhere for cheap. You don’t need to buy over-priced berries off the internet, it’s a waste of money.



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