T Booster Supplements

One of the great placebo supplements in the industry is Testosterone Boosters or commonly known as T Boosters. These supplements are popular with guys that want to train naturally, want to stay away from steroids… but want to be big like the bodybuilders.

Guys… you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

I was reading a post on the brinkzone that was showing steroid users start doses of cypionate or enanthate at around 200mg and upwards. Doses lower than that generally don’t have an effect on body composition. Even if T booster supplements do raise your testosterone levels, they won’t go anywhere near high enough to affect muscle growth.

Once again, the science behind these T Booster supplements is dodgy with no real evidence to show they work. I know they don’t work, I’ve tried them…. nothing happened!! Maybe I should buy more and try bigger doses?? Come on…

When the challenge is issued for these Test Booster supplements to be tested independently, no one takes up the offer. Like all testing, data can be skewed to show your own interests. It looks great in advertising but when you read between the lines who cares if chickens test levels increased? Do you really believe that will transfer across to humans?

Bottom line…. they don’t work, save your money.

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