Weight Loss Secret

What’s the elusive weight loss secret that everyone is chasing?  I know it. That’s why I have achieved what I want and why I’m happy with my body type.

Have you noticed other people that are happy with their bodies?  They seem pretty comfortable and confident within themselves.  It’s not even an outgoing confidence, but a very quiet, self assured type of confidence.  Do you notice that?  I do, because I feel it myself.

So…. that elusive secret to weight loss?

Well, I read a post on Brad Pilon’s blog and it make me realise that I was already doing it.  What Brad said is that “delaying never makes it easier”.  It’s that simple!

Just starting is probably the biggest hurdle that some will face when it comes to weight loss.  I always say the hardest part of anything is just starting.  But that’s the most important thing… just do something!  It doesn’t matter how you start or what you try, just start today.

Too often they make excuses why they can’t start.  They’re waiting for something to happen, or someone else is going to do it with them.  They want to get organised first, they need the right stuff before they can begin.

It’s all excuses to not start.

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