What Are Your Expectations?

The other day I was replying to a thread on a forum I often visit and it made me realise how often people don’t have a clear sight of what their goals really are.

This member (obviously male) was crying out for help, saying they have worked out properly, they have been eating right, taking all the right supplements and trying as hard as they can to “get big”. But nothing has happened for them. He sounded like he was ready to give up on the whole weight training thing out of frustration.

I like to help people out by keeping them firmly grounded in reality. Part of my reply was “What Are Your Expectations?”

All too often we compare ourselves to the images we see in the media. It’s not hard to develop a belief that if we train hard and eat right we can look like what we see in the media. You can’t be blamed for thinking that way either. We trust that the information that’s presented to us is true and correct. The problem is, that’s not always the case.

A lot of what we think is information is actually advertising, and advertising is designed to influence your buying decisions and the way you think. So, the images you see are not realistic. They are designed to excite you and motivate you, and that’s not a bad thing. Take that excitement to the gym and train hard! But don’t allow yourself to think that you will look like that. There’s a harsh reality hidden under the hype.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Them

We all know bodybuilders use steroids. It’s no secret anymore. Arnold Schwarzenegger has come clean about his steroid use, even Jay Cutler has admitted he uses steroids too. It’s a common fact for them.

Pro-athletes are using small amounts of steroids and even models too. All the fitness models you see that appear “natural” are actually using small amounts of steroids. Even actors and some musicians are using these drugs to enhance their appearance. All the media images you see are tarnished with this dark secret.

If you want to be natural and healthy you can’t expect to look like these images. Comparing yourself to this will guarantee frustration. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much you eat, you just won’t get that big or look that cut. It’s genetically impossible.

It’s All About You

What you can work on is your own aesthetic look. What I mean is the width of your shoulders in ratio to your waistline circumference and your height. If you get this vogue happening right you can look fantastic regardless of your bodytype or who you are. Having the right aesthetic look for your bodytype creates an unconscious appeal with other people. They don’t know why, but you just look good to them.

It’s a very real appeal that I enjoy and I’m no model. I’m just an ordinary guy, but people do notice me. My girlfriend has confirmed this. She told me that people were watching me while I was working out, but they would look away when I put the weights down and rested. I don’t want to sound conceited but I want to be honest about this. We’re not used to talking about ourselves like this but I want you to know that you can enjoy health and fitness without using drugs or doing extreme things.

The weird thing is that some of those guys are bigger and stronger than me. I know some of them use steroids, but still they are watching me? Are they not happy with themselves? Are they still searching for that elusive look? It’s a little sad, really. They risk their health for a look that they will probably never achieve and all the while that natural guy in the corner is looking better than them! You can look good without comparing yourself to what you see in the media and people will notice you… guaranteed.

This is the point I was trying to make with that guy in the forum. You probably already look great, you just don’t see it because you are still comparing yourself to an unrealistic model. If you work hard, train smart and eat well you will achieve what you want. You will enjoy long term health and happiness. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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  1. Monica
    737 days ago

    I don’t beleive in using supplements or any type of enhancing drugs, that just isn’t natural, and you don’t end up looking natural. I really do think you can achieve a kick-ass body just from putting in the effort at the gym and eating very carefully. Sure, all those fitness models look great, but that’s their job – most of us just want to be fit and healthy and looking great is just the icing! :)

  2. JC- FitMarker
    653 days ago

    I can relate completely. I’ve chatted with many guys who’ve had their noses in the magazines – they literally become obsessed overnight with looking like the mass monsters.

    Then you break it to them that those same mass monsters are on an anabolic cocktail and they either reply with hostility in disbelief or get discouraged and find another hobby.


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