Fad Bodyweight Exercise Programs

Have you seen the latest fads making it on the internet? Lately it’s been bodyweight exercises, claiming they can produce the same results that athletes achieve.

Bodyweight Exercise Programs have always been a popular subject because many people can afford gym membership fees. You have a desire to develop a great looking body and the lure that you can achieve this without spending any money is very attractive. The catch is you need to buy the “secret, special ops” program before you can achieve your dream body.

It’s not a scam as such, but it is playing on the desires and/or insecurities of people that are living on tight budgets.

I’ll let you in on a secret… Special ops, secret agents, other “super heros” don’t have secret exercise programs. You know it’s all marketing hype, but for some reason, once an ad alludes to some supposedly secret information, you get attracted to wanting to know what it is.

There is no secret. Bodyweight Exercise Programs can be interesting and will get you fit… but you won’t look like a bodybuilder or a model. You won’t even look like your favourite actor. If you look at the real people that do Bodyweight Exercise Programs you can see that they are not that muscular at all. They are very lean, and a lot of that comes from eating properly rather than exercise.

If you want to learn some of that stuff for free you should check out http://bodyweightculture.com/. It’s a free registration and all the exercises are detailed there. Beats paying money to some hyped up website.

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