Who Counts Calories?

I’m currently dieting to get ready for spring time (September in Australia) and it’s all going well.

At the moment I’m eating 2 meals a day and slowly losing the bodyfat. To be perfectly honest, I’m not counting calories. I am doing a rough estimate but I really don’t have a clue.  Which makes me think,

who does count calories and how accurate are they?

My partner is dieting also but she has more than 2 meals a day. She basically limits the portions of her meals and stays away from the junk food.

She’s a runner and it seems to work for her. I can see the bodyfat melting off, but again, she doesn’t count calories, she just uses her best judgement regarding portion size.

The only people I see counting calories are fat people. In the long run it doesn’t seem to work for them… or do the fat people disappear from the gym once they achieve their goal? I don’t know, I see the same faces all the time and their body composition never changes.

Is it that hard to control the volume of food we eat? Do we need to scientifically count the energy value of food (or use some sort of rating system)? Why is it so hard to lose bodyfat when all you have to do is just eat less of what you normally eat?

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  1. Mano
    546 days ago

    Hi There

    yes I also never count calories so must agree with you – you can never maintain that kind of micromanagement. I control my weight by worrying. I’m a professional worrier. But it also helps that I have a reasonably fast metabolism and so, even though Im 46 years old and get comparatively little exercise, I’m reasonably slim and trim, without a beer belly. I do do yoga at least once a week, which I find is great anti-ageing medicine.

    If you do ever do protein suppliments, I work with a company called Inspired Wellbeing, an online store which delivers anywhere in Australia. It has a vast range of Body building protein suppliments. metabolic enhancers etc at very competive prices. You and/or your readers may want to check it out

    Kind regards and good luck with your “spring cleaning”



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