3 Day Detox Program

There are numerous detoxification programs around that you can follow but none of them will work quickly. It’s unrealistic to think that in 3 days you can detox your body to the point of completely cleaning out your metabolic system. Your body actually detoxes itself on a daily basis and the best way you can help it is by drinking plenty of water.

The alternative health industry has turned body detox into a trend lifestyle that claims to be worthwhile, should you be disciplined enough to see the programs through to the end. Browse through the shops and you will see many expensive detox programs available, but think about what you are buying. It it worth it?

Is there any other way you can take care of your body
and mind on a regular basis?
  • Try simply changing and monitoring your diet on a regular basis
  • You can’t change your body in 3 days so don’t stress about it
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Practice meditation and yoga

The Secret Steps Of A 3 Day Detox Program

If you insist on doing a detox program they will always tell you to start drinking plenty of water. Wonder why?

Experts say that drinking 8-10 glasses of clean, fresh water everyday is recommended to flush away toxins inside the body. Drinking more water helps the body perform perspiration and excretion processes. Water will hydrate the blood and the internal organs which sustains cleansing of the whole system while also repairing and rejuvenating organs at the same time.

If you haven’t been keen on drinking water regularly, this will be a good time to start rather than consuming other sugar-based drinks that are not healthy because of their high calorie nature.

The other thing they say to stay away from is caffeine. Caffeine is not as bad as some alternative sectors have made it out to be. If you abuse it, sure. But that’s the same for any substance. Don’t stress about thinking that you need to cut out caffeine. If you want to cut out caffeine that’s fine, go for it. Just don’t worry that it’s essential.

A Healthy Diet

Review the foods that you have at home and learn to read labels. It’s a good idea to avoid unhealthy saturated fats which are almost found in all processed foods and also hydrogenated fats included in processed meats. If you really want to do a 3 Day detox program, make sure to eliminate all these plaguing food groups in your storage and replace them with foods containing essential fatty acids like fish oil. Don’t forget to also increase the amount of fiber you are consuming. Just add beans, fruits and green vegetables, oats, flax seeds, pasta, mushrooms, etc to your regular diet.

Fiber sweeps away toxins inside the body and it helps increase the elimination of waste buildups. By choosing to eat more fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts, you can also lower cholesterol levels easily and reduce risks of heart and colon related problems. Ultimately, consumption of 30-40 grams of fiber daily gets you supercharged while you’re working on your 3 Day detox test.

Will All This Detox Stuff Matter?

Probably not. But at least you are thinking about your health. The main issue I have with 3 Day Detox programs (and other detox programs, books, DVD’s etc) is the cost of products. You don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to be healthy. You don’t even need special food. It’s just takes common sense that can be easily applied on a daily basis.

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