Eat Healthy To Be Healthy

It is rightly said fact. “Health is Wealth”. Being healthy not only makes you look good, fresh & natural but it also increases your stamina, makes you feel energetic thus enjoy a good lifestyle altogether. To achieve this, not only it is important to keep a minimum physical fitness but it is also very important to focus on diet with all proper diet constituents. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats all are required in right proportion to support an optimum health.

Nutrients are substances derived from food during the process of digestion. There are three main groups of nutrients contained in food which are needed by the body in differing amounts. They are carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. These major nutrients are needed by the body for growth, repair, maintenance and energy. In addition, the body requires fiber, vitamins and minerals which are present in varying quantities in different types of food. Good nutrition requires a balance of the right nutrients, that is, getting the proper amount, or proportion, of each one. Our diet should provide adequate amount of all nutrients to maintain good health and physical efficiency. Research reveal fact that daily food intake should be such that of the total consumption, about 15 to 20% is protein, 40 to 50% is complex Carbohydrates and 20 to 30% is fat.

While maintaining a proper health & fitness, for men & women, choosing a proper diet plan is important. Respective lifestyle, daily activities also affect while choosing a diet plan to support fitness maintenance program. For example, high-protein diet is often recommended by bodybuilders and nutritionists to help efforts to build muscle and lose fat fast. The protein rich diet gives more energy to the body apart from helping to lose weight. The proteins are inevitable for the growth of the bones in the body. They kill the carbohydrates thereby reduces the fluid content in the body. A typical weight loss program clubbed together with building body muscles, abs development workouts recommend protein rich diet. Similarly, for many men & women, skin care is priority to maintain a fit, healthy skin. Everyone desires to have smooth, glowing, clear skin. Experts say the cleaner the water, the better it can clean. The purer the water, the more pure the skin. Water and skin is an equation in skin care. More you consume, pure water, the better, glowing skin you will have.

Skin & beauty care are also an integral part of health, fitness issues among men & women. Fast changing lifestyles, hectic work schedules, improper diet habits are affecting men & women resulting into serious aging signs even at younger stage of life. Dark circles around eyes, wrinkled skin, and premature hair fall, all are becoming common but serious problems. Research by scientists highlight the fact that increased use of vitamins can help slow aging process. Popularly called, Anti aging vitamins, like vitamin D, C, K which help fight aging process thereby prohibiting the above problems.

A healthy food with balanced nutrients promotes good health & which supports positive mind health. In that sense, a balanced nutritional diet becomes high priority for health conscious world.

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