Giant Sets for a Giant Back

A strong, wide back is an impressive sight on a man, but many don’t think about their back and how to train it thoroughly. It’s popular to train the lats and nearly everyone has tried Lat Pulldowns and/or Chin Ups. But do you realise how extensive your back really is?

Are You Giving Your Back The Attention That It Deserves?

The group of muscles that make up your back include:

  • Traps
  • Rhomboids
  • Lats
  • Teres Major
  • Teres Minor
  • Spinal Erectors

All of these muscles contract in a unique pattern and direction of movement. They work together for almost all of the movements of your back and there is no single exercise that can work all of these muscles with the same intensity at the same time.

Some exercises make the lats work harder, and other exercises make the rhomboids or traps work harder. The back is a unique muscle group as it requires exercises done from multiple angles in order to hit all of the muscles and develop them all to their fullest.

Giant Sets & Multi Angle Training

Multi Angle training uses a different exercise from a different angle each set to hit all of the muscles of the back in a series of consecutive sets.

A Giant Set is a group of different exercises for the same muscle group performed in succession. It would usually comprise of 4‐5 exercises and one Giant Set is completed once you have completed each of the 4‐5 exercises that make up the Giant Set.
Rest is taken between each set as you would normally rest between sets. However in the case of a Giant Set, every set is a different exercise.

Sounds complicated? Not really…

 Instead of doing multiple sets on a single exercise you just
 do one set for multiple exercises.  Then you repeat, usually
 with the exercises in a different order.

The back muscles are a good target for Giant Sets as there are so many different muscles that make up the form and function of the back. In my next post I’ll give an example of a Giant Set and how to fit it into your current workout program.

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