Body Detox by Fasting

It’s the end of one season and the beginning of another. Body Detox seems to be a popular trend around these times. People search for quick fix detox ideas or trend detox fads, believing that this will make the change they crave. Why not think about giving your body a true change? The best change for a toxic body is always to fast.

What is a Fast?

Fasting literally means to not eat food. Water is always a necessity to life and must always be consumed whether fasting or not. A true body deox is when we consume only pure water into our body. This allows our body to have a complete physiological rest. During this time the body undergoes hormonal changes that boost the immune system and release fatty acids into the blood stream.

You will burn bodyfat, lose weight and detox your system. It’s an amazing process that will energise your body.

There is no product out there; no food, drink or remedy, including so-called natural remedies, which can give you a helping hand back to health. It is only your body which knows how to do this and will lead the way forward under favourable conditions.

So-called juice fasts and fruit fasting are just fads which do not promote the health benefits I am talking about. Remaining only on fruits and juices for a short period of time does have some benefits in terms of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, but it is completely different to what happens with fasting. Fasting is the only practice that will truly detox your body.

How Does the Body Detox During a Fast?

During a fast, our body takes the opportunity to catch up on the elimination of toxins which may have accumulated in our system. It will heal and repair, it will eliminate waste material from the interestines, rid itself of blood clots, it will heal bodily organs, it will generally catch up on its house-cleaning. In fact, there is no end to what a body can do during a fast! Often, after a fast, a person will feel very invigorated and ‘high’ – quite euphoric in fact. The body will take every opportunity to gear itself toward health on every level, it just needs the right conditions to do so!

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