Good Ideas

If It’s A Good Idea, It’s Worth Doing…

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Why ignore a good idea and bang your head against the wall doing something else that doesn’t work? The thing is… when you do follow through with a good idea, and it’s not your idea, you really should acknowledge where you got the good idea from.

Especially if you succeed at whatever you are doing and people ask you about it. Especially if you make any money from it.

I’ve got some of Ian King’s books and I reckon they are pretty good. They have taught me a lot and I’ve enjoyed some great results. I’m also open to learning and have tried other training systems out there. Some worked and others didn’t.

I Really Feel Like I’m Reaching a Point now Where I’ve Finally Developed a Training Protocol that Works for Me

I really feel like I’m reaching a point now where I’ve finally developed a training protocol that works for me. Whether it would work for others I don’t know, I haven’t showed anyone what I do. You really have to go by feel when it comes to training. Record what you do, analyse the results and plan from there.

When people ask me what I do I don’t rush to show them my exact program that I’m currently doing. I just tell them about Ian King and other books that I have, or stuff that I find on the internet. I encourage people to test and measure and try things out themselves.

I think it’s OK to share information that has worked for you, but as long as you give some credit to where you learnt it from. Seems like that doesn’t always happen. If you have discovered something entirely new by yourself then by all means, tell the world.

But I suspect most things about physical training have already been worked out by the professional coaches… they just haven’t told us yet.

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