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I’ve seen comments on a marketing site promoting a particular bodybuilding program. One of the lines used is that the “guru” has a Strength & Conditioning Coaching Accreditation, but the “guru” considers it to not be worth the paper its printed on.

This is a really lame comment.

Points about Strength & Conditioning

  • Strength & Conditioning doesn’t really have a lot to do with bodybuilding.
  • Strength & Conditioning is primarily concerned with improving athletic performance.
  • When you graduate with a nominal amount of coaching hours under your belt, how are you qualified to decide the accreditation is useless?
  • The first level of Strength & Conditioning Accreditation is a beginner level.
  • Once you have spent at least 5 years at a Professional or Olympic level of Coaching you will be better qualified to judge.

The way to become a really good coach is to get a mentor. Learning from someone far more experienced than yourself will provide insights and concepts that you would never think of yourself. A mentor can challenge your thinking and push you into new areas you thought you would never go. Mentors can also suggest goals and milestones that they expect you to reach before you talk to them again.

The so-called gurus claim to be their own mentors and their own masters. The suggest that they have discovered the secrets all by themselves and now they are ready to grace you with their knowledge. The gurus always try to denigrate every other idea around to suggest that they have ‘the secret’. The thing is, all they really have is just a re-hashed version of all the old ideas. Sometimes they give credit to where their ideas have come from, sometimes they don’t.

Why would you respect the opinion of someone that spends their time and energy attacking other institutions or systems.

Is their attack a sign of fear or envy?

Or are they just trying to distract your attention?

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