The Adonis Effect

I’d be surprised if you haven’t received at least one email or come across the website about The Adonis Effect.

So, in order to save me writing a bunch of hype about it I’ll save time and just give you my two cents on the program.

It is an extensive bodybuilding program which I have completed. In total, the program consists of 88 weeks of workouts, made up of different cycles and stages. I have also read all the literature provided with it and reviewed the blog and community site.

Here’s my bottom line on the product:

It’s good value for money, well thought out and gets results.

When it comes to “Bodybuilding Programs” it’s not something I rush to do these days. Given the amount of garbage, lies and hype surrounding the bodybuilding world I’ve tried my fair share of programs that just don’t work… unless you use steroids. The difference with The Adonis Effect is that it’s designed by natural, drug free trainers for natural, drug free people. Lately I’ve been focussed more on strength training and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it, but there is something cool about the Adonis Effect when you start seeing the results in the mirror… and especially when you partner notices it too!

So take a look at the website

==> Click Here!

If you want to change your body composition and appearance then it’s probably worth a go. I really do feel comfortable with this program since I’ve tried it out myself… and got good results. 17″ arms natural is pretty good!

And here’s the most important part.

These guys will answer your emails and your questions. They have a whole community on the forum which can provide positive feedback and support.

==> Click Here!

So when you see the website about The Adonis Effect, take the marketing for what it’s worth, but the program is a decent program I’m happy to recommend.

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  1. New York City Personal Trainer
    345 days ago

    They have a whole community on the forum which can provide positive feedback and support.


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