Truth About The Protein Review

Have you ever lied during an interview in order to get a job?

People will lie to get paid, and people will do things and promote things they don’t believe in to make money.

This is a fact of life. It’s not going to change any time soon, and it’s the reason why so many people struggle with losing bodyfat.

The reality is the weight loss industry is a one step forward two steps back situation. Everybody is looking for a way to be controversial so they can get noticed. If the popular opinion is to workout more, marketers will just say workout less. Or if it is understood for weight loss that you must “Consume less to lose weight”, some marketer will say “Eat multiple times a day to lose weight”.

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with promoting a good product or service. But there is a difference between promoting something and simply adding to the confusion…

The TRUTH is our passion.

The number one ‘SECRET‘ to losing bodyfat is the truth. Without the truth, we’re never going to improve. Until we get to the truth, we are never going to get better. It is more important then any other part of your health program.

I want to inform people of the truth.

The info I cover here is all the information you need to know to understand the role that nutrition and exercise plays in your health and the way your body looks, and it will protect you from the danger that lurks in falling for fitness and nutrition marketing pitches.

Basically, if you believe that knowledge is power then The Protein Review is the most powerful weight loss tool available.

But, please understand me… My goal is to help YOU and answer YOUR questions. I do not want to save the fitness industry. Frankly, in my opinion the ‘fitness’ industry is hopeless. The bodybuilding industry will die with Schwarzenegger. They’re on their own.

You will get the CORRECT answers to your needs and your health.  If I step on toes with these answers, so be it. I’m prepared for the backlash.

I promise you… this blog will be absolutely uncensored.

So if you’re interested in the hype-free truth please subscribe to my list and follow…


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