Avoid Burnout

Sometimes you can be too aggressive with your exercise program.

Sometimes aggressiveness can be good but, in some cases, you can be SO aggressive that your personal productivity takes a BIG HIT.

This is the biggest mistake that anyone can make when it comes to getting fit.

Sacrificing your personal productivity for getting in better shape.

Don’t do this. Being in better shape is supposed to AUGMENT and support your financial and personal goals, not hinder them.

So, if you find yourself stressed or your personal productivity takes a hit because you’re being super aggressive on your program, back it down a bit.

If you’re eating really low, up the calories a bit.

If you’re beating the hell out of yourself in the gym take it back a few notches.

NEVER let your fitness program negatively impact your personal productivity.   EVER.

Your body can take only so much stress… and stress is stress. Physical stress, emotional stress, mental stress – they are all interchangeable
when it comes to BURN OUT.

It’s worth sacrificing a little time out from the gym than sacrificing the real reason we’re doing all of this…

… to feel GOOD and create a great life of wellbeing for ourselves.


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