Invest in Yourself

With the incredible scramble of financial uncertainty being currently perplexed across the news scammers are on the loose with promises of wealth and easy ways to “beat the system”.

(Sounds like the fitness industry “fat burning secrets” or “mega muscle know-how” stuff we’ve all seen)

In the end there seems to be only ONE safe bet when it comes to your money and yourself:

“Reinvestment in YOURSELF

Now is the time to sharpen your skills.  (Believe me, no one else is)

Now is the time to put your nose to the grindstone and get to work.
Everyone else is just ploughing on, doing the same thing they’ve always done.  Look around your gym and you know it’s true.  The same faces on the same machines doing the same routines.  And how do they look???


Now is the time to sow now seeds because when things do recover, it’s those that have been learning, applying, creating, and slowly improving that will be the ones that experience explosiveness in growth and opportunities.

It’s the same for your fitness and health as well.


You have to make the best decisions for yourself – RIGHT NOW, because the amount you can help others (including your family) is directly proportional to your PERSONAL capacity.  Lets be honest and say that how you look controls a lot about how you feel about yourself.  The positive progression – the viewable and MEASURABLE achievements also build upon themselves – and
translate into core confidence, which directly influences everything else in your life.

So invest in yourself.  Now is the time, there is never be a better time like now.

I came across a new site from a local gym where they post their workouts online.  It’s called Hurdle Fitness.

The workouts will look different to what you may currently do in the gym, but take the chance and try them.  Pick one of the months to start from and follow the progressions week by week.  You will experience a difference and a transformation in your health… I guarantee it.

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