• Integrity means doing the right thing
  • It takes strength of character to have integrity
  • The most important asset you have as a person is your integrity.  Once you lose it, your words carry little weight and your actions become suspect.
  • Nothing will turn people against you quicker than to be perceived as dishonest.
  • Do whatever it take to uphold your integrity
  • Always speak the truth
  • When you lie, you create bigger problems for yourself.  It makes the problem part of the future
  • Telling the truth is the best problem-solver there it.  It makes the problem part of the past
  • Don’t distort the facts or leave false impressions
  • Don’t cover things up
  • If you have integrity, you know what you stand for and you live by the standards you set.
  • Be true to your word
  • Your word is your bond

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