Kettlebells and the Force/Velocity Curve

Have you ever considered trying kettlebells as part of your training?

Kettlebells have a unique design and shape and the reason why kettlebells may assist your training is the effect they can have on the Force/Velocity curve.

The Force/Velocity curve is a demonstration that shows how you can either take a light object and move it quickly or take a heavy object and move it slowly.  If you try to switch the way you do one with the other – like tensing your whole body up as if you are going to move a heavy object and instead try and move a light object, you’ll quickly discover that the two are not interchangeable.

So where does the kettlebell fit into this Force/Velocity Curve?

A movement like the kettlebell swing fits perfectly in between something like power cleans and jumps.  Even though the kettlebell swing can be used as a non-impact jump, it is different enough in speed to be a completely new stimuli.  The quick repetitions of swings have been used by many professional  athletes.

So even if you’re a hardcore barbell gym rat there is still a place in your training for kettlebells. They can be used to fill out your training, to prepare the body for faster speed movements, or to deload from maximal speed sessions while also giving an injury proofing effect that adds to your recovery.

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  1. firojbd
    326 days ago

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