Single Kettlebell Training

Single kettlebell training can highlight core weakness in the body that double kettlebells can hide.  This is because the necessary amount of contraction needed on the opposing side while doing one hand swings is as much as 180% of that needed during two hand swings.  With double kettlebells it all balances out again.

Single kettlebell training is an ideal strength and conditioning tool because of its nature to carry over to other sporting activities.  There is no sport that doesn’t require strong linkage through the core of the body for power generation.

Some people think that single kettlebell training is easier but there’s one massive change the a single bell makes…

If you are doing double swings, you’d do ten and have a rest.  Using a single kettlebell, you’ll now do ten right and ten left for twenty.  The same applies for the press, the squat and clean.  Instead of five squats and a rest, you’ll do five right, five left.

So instead of doing double the load with two kettlebells, you end up doing double the volume.  Now, more than ever you won’t be able to rely on muscling your way through a workout and GPP and stamina will become far more important.

That is an excellent change that can make all the difference to your fitness.  You’ll be amazed how you can drop a few kilos via increasing work capacity in your training.

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