Special Bodyweight Strength Training

This will get you rapidly stronger in any athletic skill by internalizing and mastering the universal principles of strength.

Once you learn bodyweight strength training you should be able to take a look at any feat of strength or strength exercise and know how to reverse-engineer them.  It doesn’t mean that you will be able to do them straight away, but you will know exactly how to train for them.

The foundation of all bodyweight strength training is abdominal and tension drills.  These drills have been greatly refined  and they will teach you the key bodyweight strength exercises.  No need to waste time with a multitude of exercises and their variations.  With the millions of degrees of freedom possible for our bodies, it is an endless and pointless task cataloging exercises that you think might be useful.  Instead, once you have internalized the universal principles of strength, you will be able to quickly apply these principles to any new strength or gymnastic skills.

Three classic bodyweight lifts

After establishing a foundation of strength by using your abdominals and developing tension in your body, the next step is to learn the 3 classic bodyweight lifts.  They are the push, pull and squat.

Learning progressions in these three exercises will radically improve your strength levels in everything else you do.

Strength is a skill that is recognised by science and has vwwn systematized from a wide variety of disciplines:

  • From the breathing and stance subtleties of ancient martial arts, to cutting-edge neuroscience research.
  • From powerlifting alignment cues to the latest breakthroughs in spine biomechanics.
  • From arm-wrestlers’ strength tricks to state-of-the art physical therapy techniques for waking up unwilling muscles.
  • From old time strongmens’ “knacks” to Russian weightlifting research.
  • From a firearms instructor’s skill set to yoga visualizations.
  • From kettlebell tips to Eastern European gymnasts’ secrets…

This diverse body of knowledge has been organized into a logical and simple system for delivering instant strength gains.  This is what bodyweight strength training is all about.

Learning how to apply this knowledge to effective bodyweight strength exercises will build a terrific foundation for strength training.  Some examples of extensions of these three key lifts are handstand pushups and neck bridges.

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