Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution

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Chris Lopez is actually an RKC instructor as well as being involved with Turbulence Training.  What he has produced in this ebook is the Turbelence Training concepts using kettlebells, which has turned out to be a highly effective program.

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[content_box_red width="75%"]If you don’t know what the RKC is, it stands for Russian Kettlebell Certification and is the highest standard of kettlebell instruction that you can get anywhere in the world.  So, if you want to learn anything about kettlebells, find an RKC instructor.[/content_box_red]

The whole program is made of of beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts with the beginner and intermediate programs made up of 2 phases.  The advanced stage has 3 phases.  Once you have completed all the phases of a stage there is a challenge workout which you can use as a benchmark to assess yourself.  If you easily complete the challenge stage you know you are ready to move on.  Otherwise, just repeat that stage again.  As you get fitter you’ll nail your challenge and move on.

At the beginning of the ebook there is a lot of good information about nutrition and lifestyle which will help you understand how to mange permanent fat loss.  The end of the ebook also has a complete list of all the exercises and descriptions on how to perform them.  Chris also lists a lot of stretches there too.

The programs are generally 4 days per week and are easily fitted into your lifestyle.  What’s also good is the way the schedule is laid out in diary form so that you can print it out and fill it in while you’re working out.  Keep all those diaries and you can track your progress.

This is good value for money.  I think you will find that Chris Lopez is an approachable guy.  Ask for help when you need it, visit his blog and follow his programs.  The Kettlebell Revolution is easy to achieve at home with no equipment other than a kettlebell.

Get the Kettlebell Revolution and realise your fat loss goals now.

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