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The Life-Changing Experience Of Improving Your Body Shape Has Been PROVEN To Change The Lives Of Both Men And Women All Over The World, Giving People Confidence, Happiness AND Life Fulfilment
…In An Instant

Welcome To My Website The Protein Review.  Here’s The True Story Of What Happened To Me When I Made The Commitment To Change My Body Forever, And How You Can Also Make This Become A Reality For YOU

Hey Friend,

Let me take you on the crazy journey that happened to me which led to the creation of my own unique website The Protein Review.  This journey literally pulled the rug out from under myself,  took me inside my own mind, forced me to look in the mirror at what I had become and, in the end, showed me a glimpse of life fulfilment that I had never experienced before.

And listen, this story is truethe true story that only I can tell you, because I’m the guy that did it all and come out the other end a completely transformed person.

WARNING: This story may bring up some “stuff” within yourself when you read on below.  You may realize that some of these problems are happening to you right now, or you have felt this way in the past.  You may feel uncertain about your health or if there is any way out of what you are going through right now.  Don’t Worry…

It’s Not Your Fault

I’ve been there too and I found a way out.  I found a way to make changes to my body that rippled through the rest of my life.  These transformations have set me on a new path and this holistic path is the right path to health and wellness because now I understand.

But before we go any further, we need to set the record straight.

The Protein Review is NOT an inspirational or motivational program that I’m going to sell to you.  While it may do both of those for you… it may inspire you, it may motivate you, it’s not meant for that.

It’s about transforming your health and changing your body… helping you to enjoy physical health, emotional well-being and a new confidence in yourself.

Is This A Bunch Of Hype?

And you’re absolutely right to ask that question.

Look, if I didn’t experience this for myself I would have wallowed in self-pity not knowing the truth either.  I went through this experience and lived it for real.  I planned out my program and put the information into action because that’s the way to make these transformations happen.

So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and show you exactly what happened.  You’ll hear about the amazing successes, the near fatal mistakes and everything in between.

Here’s My Story About My Journey Which Led To The Creation Of The Protein Review And How It Changed My Lifestyle And Transformed My Health

I know you’re thinking those thoughts, that you’ve heard this stuff before, about how someone claims to have made amazing transformations after doing some simple thing.  Then they claim that all their problems in life are solved.

So right now I’m going to reveal the truth about how this stuff works, how to get yourself involved and how to put a plan into action in order to make these transformations happen to you.

Let’s begin.

First of all, I haven’t made all the changes that I need to make.

I still plan out my diet goals that I put into place, one step at a time.  As soon as I achieve one of my diet goals I know that qualifies me to move onto the next diet goal.

There has been some great achievements at a personal level that I have already made but I know this is only the tip of the iceberg.

It all started long before I ever thought about a website like the protein review.  It was the first time that I had tried to get rid of my bodyfat and I was learning all about diet goals and how to do the programs properly.  Up until this point, the whole diet thing was all “pie in the sky” to me.  I had never tried one before, ever.

Frankly, I Was So Confused About What To Do

And for good reason because

  • I was hearing all this stuff about health problems from obesity
  • All I saw in the media was “perfect” people that claim it’s easy to do
  • No one would give me specific information on how to exactly do a diet
  • I didn’t know where to start looking or even what questions to ask

And if that wasn’t bad enough, after joining gyms, wasting money on expensive supplements and working my butt off I was still fat.  I felt like I was always getting a cold or some sort of bug and I just felt tired….. all the time.

It was like I was trudging through sludge and getting nowhere.  I couldn’t see what was going wrong and I was so frustrated.  It was a real low point for me.

I should point out that when I joined the gym I planned an appointment with a personal trainer.  The gym said that I can have a personal fitness assessment and plan out a whole program to change my body.  I was determined to make this work.  The day of the appointment I got a phone call, the personal trainer was sick and the appointment was cancelled.  Apparently he collapsed because he wasn’t eating properly and working long hours.  If he can’t keep himself healthy, how was he going to help me?  Anyway, the appointment never happened, the gym apologised and I was left to work out my program on my own.

This is the point where I stumbled off not knowing what to do or where to learn from.  I worked  hard in the gym, too hard.  I beat down my immune system so much that I was still getting colds all the time.  I had no energy and felt tired all the time.  Then I decided I was overtraining and backed off all the work.  The excess weight just came back, just like a yo-yo diet.  As far as diet went I was eating too much and then too little.  No wonder my immune system was a wreck!

Then I hurt my back.

They diagnosed it as a bulging disc but to me it felt like my whole back was broken.  I had muscle spasms happening that stopped me getting out of bed.  I spent 2 days just lying on the floor before I could get to a doctors surgery.  It was really bad.  It took months and lots of physiotherapy before the pain went away.  It even took 12 months for the nerve pain from the spinal cord to disappear completely. I felt like giving up, nothing was working out for me.

I Thought I Would Be Fat And Unhealthy Forever

I was determined to make the changes to my body that I wanted.  Once I got back on my feet I went about searching for information.  I scoured the internet for information.  Believe me, there is information out there but it is so hard to find.  Some of the websites I found don’t even exist anymore.  I also looked for books.  I practically lived in bookstores looking for the latest releases on exercise science or diet information.  The other thing I searched for was people.

See, I figured that there must be something out there about people that have achieved the goals that I want to achieve.  I looked for the names of coaches that have led people to great achievements and that’s when I struck gold.  I found almost unknown coaches that have helped athletes and competitors achieve their dreams and these people had written about their experiences.  What I noticed is that everyone has their own opinions about what works and what doesn’t.    A lot of them even argue with each other about whose system is the best.  This could almost get confusing again.

That Was When The Basis Of The Protein Review Was Realized

Before, I couldn’t even find a website like The Protein Review.  So I set out myself trying the different diet plans recommended by these coaches.  I also experimented with the different exercise protocols they laid out as well.  I can’t say it was easy, it took discipline to stick to these plans without any support from anyone else.  But, I have to say, the most profound thing happened to me.   I experienced success for the first time ever.

I finally could see a difference in my body.  I had a proper eating plan and I could feel the difference that it made.  Seeing these changes happen right before my eyes I gained a new motivation and confidence that I could achieve something with this.  I was still experimenting with all these difference ideas and systems but they all worked in some way.  I felt a spark ignite inside of me.  I felt happy.  By the end of that year I had a new found confidence in myself and a clear purpose of where I wanted to go in the future.

I was keeping a diary of everything that worked and what didn’t work.  The ideas and the beginnings of The Protein Review were forming.  I was planning my goals in the future and I truly saw myself achieving those goals.  I was going to transform my body, improve my health and shape a new confidence in myself that would give me life-fulfilment and happiness.

Not bad for a guy who started with nothing, right?  And what was really nice is that all of the information I found was easily understood and simple to put into practice.

STOP: You Need To Think About Something For A Minute

OK, after discovering all the information I have on The Protein Review, and putting it into practice,

  • I had a whole new outlook on my life
  • I improved my health and well-being
  • I changed my body
  • I now believed that I could learn more and make even greater changes

And when you look at it that way,

The Information I Discovered On The Protein Review Completely Transformed Myself

The best part is, the changes to my body are permanent.

But before we go further,

Let’s Cut the Hype And Keep This Firmly Grounded In Reality

You’re not DUMB and I’m not either.

You’re not going to make these changes overnight.

We’ve both seen the so-called gurus claim they can give you instant results and they make it sound like it’s easy.

And we both know that sticking to a diet is hard.  You have to do it all yourself and well as keeping up with the responsibilities of the rest of your life.

And that’s exactly what I experienced when I went through this and came about creating my website The Protein Review.  I understood that these changes are for the long term and take time to happen.

I have identified what training systems work and what diet programs will give you the results that you need.  I’m still in the process of achieving the goals that I want to achieve and I still work on achieving these goals.

So, I have actually DEVELOPED A SYSTEM OF TRAINING AND EATING to transform my body and enjoy the life that I want.

So What Is The Protein Review All About?
What Are You Going To Do For Me?

Listen, if you’ve tried diets before and they haven’t worked, I can totally relate to you.

Especially when I look back at where I came from.

This should prove to you that you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it.

This Is What The Protein Review Is All About
Giving You Tools To Change Your Body And Your Life

I’m not going to tell you about the tools, you gotta check that out for yourself….

You Will Make Transformations With The Protein Review

You and I both know it can be scary to try new things …but this “gamble” I took really paid off. And I’m glad I put my doubt and fear aside and decided to give it a try.

The Protein Review will bring you instant transformations to your body and provided you with a new confidence in yourself that you can keep on improving your health.

After creating this website The Protein Review I want to learn more myself by educating others on what I have discovered.  The benefits you will get from The Protein Review are:

  • you are given all the information – I’ve done the searching for you
  • you are shown programs that are proven to work
  • you have all the programs planned – I’ll show you how to plan your own
  • you will discover the truth about diets – only a handful work

What I will reveal to you is a system of holistic training, eating and lifestyle that will provide optimum health and happiness to you.  The best thing about this system is that it takes into account that you are a real person.  You have to get up early and go to a job, I understand that.  You have a family to look after, you have to buy your own groceries and cook your own food.  Stuff happens in life that stresses you out.  You don’t have your own personal trainer.  AND….. sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything.

This Is Normal, I Can Feel That Way Too

People can pay up to $5000 for this sort of information.  I personally know individuals that have paid $100 an hour for personal trainers and I’m sure you have heard of people paying that sort of money as well.  This stuff doesn’t come cheap.

Make Your Transformation Instantly With The Protein Review

I want you to remember that you can put this information into action immediately.
Lots of people talk about what they are going to do, but they never start.  You won’t be like that.  You’ll know how to take action NOW.

And you wanna know something?

You won’t forget the look on the faces of people when they see you as a changed person.

It’s Really Pretty Easy!

I mean that and I still believe it to this day.

Think about this.

All I’ve really done is sourced all this information over a 20 year span, written it all down and put it into practice.

And let me ask you a question.

Where Else Can You Access Information Like The Protein Review For FREE?


It’s completely FREE.

  • There’s no catch when you register for this information
  • You don’t have to provide credit card details
  • You don’t subscribe to any classes
  • There’s no time limits or deadlines
  • It’s not a one-off event

I can’t even really call this an offer.  It’s an opportunity.



Follow The Protein Review, Take Action On What You Learn And You Can Experience A New Life For Free

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